Friday, 20 July 2007

Yellow Flowers

19 July – A much slower day than the previous day of action, layered up discretely to prevent a repeat of the icing of the body (I’ve tolerated so much lower in much less clothing but when there’s no activity you need to sit in a hot tent).  Made a very bad mistake with my personal security which revealed personal flaws of character that I’d rather not have revealed (and which could potentially have never seen the light of day) and whilst there are potentially serious ramifications from actions (virtual or no) perhaps what doesn’t destroy us any makes us stronger.  Read a lot and thought a lot – the fact that I was reading about human nature and how we’re driven by our genes (to a certain extent) didn’t really seem to reassure me of my own nature – a Noble Savage I probably am not.  Sometimes too many riders are too many riders.  

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