Monday, 16 July 2007

Closed Sunday ... Gone Riding

15 July – The sniffles that plagued me on Saturday mostly failed to materialise although comfort levels where not at their peak.  Generic duties were to be done in the AM but did manage to get L on Hermaphrodite (working name) for a journey out to Centennial Park – this did mean negotiating the core which proved slightly overwhelming but all things considering we got there without too much trouble (she seemed a heck of a lot better than the Hyperhorse considering experience and desire – but that’s not really hard).  Did a circuit which was enough and then made our way back to whence we came – bumped into Crisis John who was suitably impressed with the bargain and value of the steel beast (that’s a Courier Bike – and is there higher possible praise?).  Watched 237 in the evening – not the most plausible teenage angst drama I’ve seen lately although it did seem to have something of an effect on some people.  Standard overenthusiastic classroom scenes, a fair amount of homoerotica and a really twisted incestual twist but where were all the kids from the other years?  When I was at school the pupils ages spanned more than one grade.

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