Friday, 3 August 2007

You Take The Low Road, I'll Take The High Road

31 July - A lot more riding today - still in a lot of pain from previous day's effort but did seem to cope with it a bit better. Decided to pair up with Louis (i think that's his name), a Spaniard who worked in Berlin - as we found ourselves sliding behind schedule we took the shortcut which meant far too much over motored motorways - constantly grouping up with other riders, splitting up as one group outpaced the others and then joining up with new ones or rejoining the old ones. About midday crossed the Severn Bridge into my states namesake (it reallydoesn't look much like home at all - far too green) - ended up losing Louis just at the end of the ride which was a tad annoying and had an absolutely blistering ride into the campsite when I found myself tempoarily joined by a couple of the faster guys - headed into town for greasy food, beers and electricity to recharge the ipod - sleepingarrangements were once again, very sketchy, no barn this time but did manage to choose a relatively secluded verandah (at least it was off the ground) - I think I take this cheap travellingthing too fa sometimes.

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