Saturday, 18 August 2007

We're In London Still

16 August - A fair night's sleep for a fair knight's benefit. First time wandering the streets of London for quite some time - some of it came back to me but I still found myself rather hopelessly lost at times. Occasional questioningof couriers helped at times but also resulted in more misadventures around the city. Eventually, after a few calls and mishaps found myself in the deep end of Soho at the John Snow, the daytime boozer for some of the city's rascals and ne'erdowells - couple of reunions (not that joyful but satisfactory) made the afternoon relatively pleasant and as I got lost on the way back to the house found myself getting directions from another cyclist who turned out to be from the Glorious Nation of Slovakia - he was making benefit of cultural learnings of the western side of Europe and as we were heading in more or less the same direction I went back for a cocktail and to lend a sympathetic ear to his relevant complaints about the west. Heck of a nice guy though. After escaping the reluctanct Londoner's residence a few errands before goingback to the west end (directions courtesy of Brazilian courier) for another reunion with Ms White from Australia - it hadn't really been that longsince i'd seen her but it's always nice to see a friend on the other side of the world, especiallywhen dinner is paid by the expense account (and dinner's always twice as tasty when served by Jedi Padawans). More drink (???) locally in Bloomsbury then back at the Snow (which is also a night time boozer as well) where I caught up with more couriers including a lucky meeting with a Vancouver based Londoner who just happened to be in town for the night (and he worked for the same company as the jacket I was wearing - coincidence? Not really). Despite not really making any mistakes, I think, on the way back the journey seemed to take f**kingforever. Made it though.

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