Thursday, 9 August 2007

So It Goes

7 and 8 August - Seem to be in some strange kind of courier timezone at the moment - late sunset and later messenger events mean the days are gettingsucked up and it's not great even for someone who survives on a relatively small amount of sleep at the best of times. Today was the last official day of the CMWC - started off at the outdoor velodrome where we had finals for texas twins (taken out by the Melburn Massive - first title by an Australian team), some pursuit events on the track and a haphazard game of bike polo and also had the ubiquitious group photo for all those who were still in the city. Turns out unlucky Saffy Brian, who's been a bit of a nonentity for the past few days had broken his hand during the skids on Sunday - that boy just needs a break (and not the kind that he seems to get consistently). I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such an obnoxious little s**t all the time. Rode on a track for the first time, which was quite fun - not the smoothest of surfaces but a new experience which every fixie rider should probably try at some point in his life. Alittle bit of carbohydrating to recover before the final push to finish this CMWC once and for all - a slightlymore relaxed party at the Temple which was nowhere near Temple Bar (thankfully) where there was reminescing and more drinking - the Garda were out in full force - potential football hooligans (some of whom couldn't have been more than 13 year old) just leaving a game where being herded like sheep through the streets by mounted police, vans and the complete riot squad - a little bit disconcerting (couriers aren't the most physically aggressive of demographics when all is said and done, despite the tattoos) - made a completely awesome jersey swap with strom from Basel - a kurier Zentrale jacket for my (admittedly very nice) Dynamex long sleeve jersey - an ancient tradition which must be performed duringan event such as this.
Now that it's all over i've got to start seriously considering how i'm goingto manage the rest of this trip and spent a little while at the tourist office making some enquiries and a did a little bit of the tourist thing - thought about doingthe Jamieson's distillery tour but thought that an Irish coffee at the café would be more than suitable in the end. Bartender turned out to be a messenger from way back, even attended inaugural CMWC and organised one of the european ones- once a messenger always a messenger even if u r an x-enger.ALso thought i'd get a bit of culture beyond the bicycle and saw an exhibtion or two at the Museum of Modern Art (a very nice institution next to the local jail - which is where they throw people who take backpacks that are too large into the exhibitions) followed by an interestingMicrosoft venture - the soon to be renamed Gates Codex by Leonardo daVinci - basically a rambling collection of ideas and thoughts by one of the world's greatest geniuses ... kind of like a 15th (???) century version of Evil melon with more science and less whining. Drank some coffee, caught up with some couriers, went for a ride out to the coast with a couple of locals,drank some beer, rolled home. Got to pack now - accumulating way too much crap right now.

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