Sunday, 26 August 2007

It Looks Like We've All Kicked A Goal Today ...

25 August - ... Pity for some they were own goals. Had been warned that Saturday was Erik's day for playing indoor football with some local types and after musing that it probably wasn't the best thing to be doing in my current state I found myself at a local gym in the Sharts team. Actually, a lot of fun despite not really being prepared for it - an interesting mix of fellows and a relatively high paced and energetic game - got beaten up a bit - punched on the nose, elbowed in the eye (with the black eye to prove it) and last but not least I copped a futbal straight into the nose when it was kicked by the youngest player (stepson of another player) as he tried to take a goal. Have to say that the little s**t didn't really seem to remorseful and his behaviour was pretty obnoxious throughout the rest of the day but any attempts at vengeance would have just made me look bad so I had to bide my time and when he grows up and I return to Berlin i'll get the little f**ker. Unsuccessful haircut afterwards in preparation for a small night out on the town - Jodi had grand plans to dress everyone up but the only thing that was suitable for my enormous frame were a pair of skin tight trouser which meant that keeping anything in my pockets was impossible and riding and sitting were next to that, even breathing was a struggle so I had to take a few deep breaths and then just hold them for the rest of the night. One of Mr Stripparo's friends happened to be opening up a new pizza place in berlin - apparently he was the (a???) world champion pizza twirler (maker?). In typical Berlin honesty system style the restaurant was spilling into the street and all and sundry were provided with free booze, free entertainment and what was possibly the best pizza i've ever eaten. This was what arthur's used to aspire to - what a world to live in ...After said restaurant was done found myself in a troupe of late night revellers including a wannabe author who went out t oseek more entertainment for the evening - finally made it in to a Berlin nightclub which was quite cool but sometimes it's just too much too late.

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