Wednesday, 15 August 2007


21 and 22 July – Finally got the chance to sleep in after the past days of pre-dawn rising but was denied the chance of real rest due to the flurry of activity around me ... A few administrative and maintenance tasks had to be completed – a bicycle box was kindly donated from Cranks and also a very good bargain on a new tyre (Made in France – presume its a snooty tyre rather than an exploited one). The afternoon also marked the long awaited making of the Raisin Toast Alternative with Wild Blueberries substituted for the hideous dried grape ingredient. As it had been over a generation since I had baked my own bread I was compelled to follow the recipe to the letter and the cold weather meant the yeast had difficulty farting out its airy goodness so it was probably not the greatest incarnation of this revolutionary baked good but it was a start. Left the dough to rise whilst me and some select troops went to Coogee for fish pie and a viewing of PJ's latest filmistic creation (which had incredible sound and fair direction and acting) - returned past midnight to complete the baking which meant a very late night but also a capital 2am snack. Some riding through the backstreets of the upper North Shore with L in the morning who is getting much better at negotiating the joys of velocipeding ... My small collection of books, which has been gathering dust for a few years in the wilds of Coogee finally took the journey back to their original home (for some of them) in Gordon and I had a small panic attack caused by missing travel documentation which eventually revealed themselves to me. Collected a few possessions and a small cat (currently at winter weight) to take back with me to McMahons (I think Lily's improved my standing somewhat with a few members of the household). While Lilith was hiding out in order to adjust to her temporary environment we headed out to the see the latest in the Harry Potter cinema offerings, not much more than was expected, lots of flashy special effects, nothing mind blowing and an expected Deus Ex Machine ending (can't really get excited about plot twists when you've already read the books) followed by raw fish at a Sushi Train. Tried to edumacate someone in the etiquette of revealing the endings to books to people who haven't read them yet but don't think it really sank in.

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