Monday, 20 August 2007

I Am A Jam Doughnut

19 August - A little hangover for a little bad behaviour is not really a punishment. Another reunion down in the West End before the worry of missing the flight caused me to take flight back to Hackney (realised my mistake in the previous west end-north east navigations and got there with reasonable time to spare). With a little hesitation I removed Chevette's pedal system (the umbilical cord that joins the man and the machine) as I was to leave her in the custody of another man (a man who has a great love of bicycles but still, it's another man) before loading up the gear into the Osprey and trudging out towards Liverpool. A fair way longer than expected when on foot but got there without too much trouble and after briefly considering the overcrowded bus jumped on the Express which took me right into Stansted - not the most most pleasant place in the world (full of all the cheap tourist of which I am a proud member but noticeably there are lots of the wrong kind of English - the Essexers and Midlanders and all the other strange demographics which don't appear on the Krypton factor) - somehow almost managed to be late for the flight after an awful Pret sandwich and was locked into the front row no legroom and two people who had laid claim to the armrests before I got there. But hey, I got to Berlin, where upon arrival I discovered that those efficient Germans had broken their trains for the day (i thought that only happened in NSW?) and the only officials around were the only officials in Germany who didn't speak English. Really wasn't worried though - for some reason I had this reassurance that z Germans are so efficient that i'd have to find my way to where I was goingeventually and I d - was greeted by jodi and kudio on the steps of wherever it is where i'm staying (somewhere near Alex Platz on the East side of berlin) and had another in a long line of joyful reunions. And that seems to be the recurring theme of this little trip so i'd just going toflow.

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