Monday, 13 August 2007

I'm Taller Than You

12 august - and that means I should take the f**king seat with the leg room, b**ch. Tried and failed again to get my money's worth from the included breakfast at the hostel - breakfast being just tea/coffee and toast - yesterday I was thwarted when they closed up after I only got four pieces and today I got in early - took my four slices (after trying to explain to the idjits that you don't have to put the bread thrugh the conveyor toaster twice but you can just set it slower) and went back for a second round only to have the queue going out the entire kitchen. Four pieces is not enough for me - apparntly the next place in Killarney (not the Heights) has a similar deal so i'll see how I go. Still baffled by the looks and comments of amazement that the Guide and his keyboard gets whenever anyone sees me tappingaway on him in public - I guess it's still more portable than the most portable laptop (although I think the light projected keyboard would be a prudent investment if I want to be more impressive to the yokels.
Abit of uncertainty with what to do once I was in Killarney but the National Park beckoned - a fairly decent ride out there plus a few cycling tracks once in plus a couple of nice walking tracks - very tranquil, very beautiful, very green. Wandering along past some cows that were fenced in and was strumming the wire when I suddenly had a massive jolt through my body - once I got to the end of the fence it was then that I noticed that there was a tiny little yellow sign informing all that the fence was electrified. Looked around for someone to sue but there was nobody but Spanish tourists and they weren't going to help me. Turns out i'm sharing a room with some sure to be loud and irritating irishmen - supposed to be heading to the Puck for some loose women, I hope they find them and leave me in peace tonight. I can't believe what I ate tonight; I can't believe what I read tonight.

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