Wednesday, 29 August 2007

This City

26 August - Trying to act as much the jam doughnut as possible - had a few errands in the morning (which for me of late, means the afternoon) - returned the Diamant to Steff with the help of Olly - he rode with me, bringing his housemate's beautiful old bike (with the revolutionary handlebar design) along for the ride - all the way from Prenzlauer to Pottsdamer, across the middle of the city, crossing the Wall, crossing the intersections and countless tram tracks, with him riding along with one hand, holding onto the spare bike with the other. I was amazed but hardly anyone seemed to bat an eyelid - even the cops who we sat across from at one set of lights. Took a while to get away from Stef, I love seeing friends but being sat through a couple of reels of holiday pictures is a bit much to ask from anyone, isn't it? After this wandered down to the local markets - its nice to see German hippies selling the junk from their attics as opposed to Australian hippies selling the junk from their attics. This also took a while to get away from - just wanted to crash out after the previous day's exertions - sore all over from strains and other deliberate injuries from football and early sleep has just been denied me this entire past week. But when in Berlin ... Was overjoyed to have takeaway and movies in evening, even if Joy Division wasn't exactly the upbeat music biopic that i'd supposed it might have been. Horrific stuff war ... Hot or cold.

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