Monday, 20 August 2007

The Roads Less Travelled

18 August - Not really a day for exploring it seems but made it out for a wee spot of English Breakfast (just like Irish, just like American, just like Australian ...) and even used the bus (oh, god, I hate using buses no matter what country i'm in). Intercepted one of the messengers, Wayne, currently in a state about his housemates and their wily machinations concerning the living arrangements (now, why does that sound familiar), and later traipsed through a small market and also through the backstreets of 'ackney. Productivity was at a bit of a lull but not really much to worry about considering my current state and the fact that I don't really need to be productive in my current locale.
Later on in evening made a walking journey out to Holloway beingentertained by the musings of Mark Kermode - I didn't think it was that substantial but upon my arrival at destination some expressed some bemusement at my mode of transport - joyful reunion in Holloway with friends of Australian origin - last time I was in London I caught up with Ruthnade with the same friends in the same suburb (different house though) - always nice to do antipodean reunions on the north side - had been told about this mythical party for months and was quite anticipating it - quite good in the end - barbecued sardines and cocktails and remedies - not much more you could ask for really. Very international crowd - not reallysure what the point of the party was but it was a party and parties, like little girls, need no excuses. When I decided it was time to make my polite exit at the tail end of the night I was given vague instructions on the best route to get back to 'ackney - was reliably informed that it wasn't really a dodgy area but a taxicab shouldn't pose too much of a threat - was a bit disappointed by the route that was given as i'm sure that I was sent on a bit of a sightseeingtour through north east London - after an age of wandering and probably not in the right direction I found that the streets were completely devoid of taxis (both mini and black) but found myself on a night bus (i hated the night bus a decade ago and I still don't think too much of it now) that took an increidbly circuitous route through some part of London that I was unfamiliar with - eventuallycame to hackney but not a part of hackney that I knew - more plodding and lack of taxis eventually got me to a street I knew but, hey, even an ex-enger wants a taxi sometimes.

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