Sunday, 26 August 2007

Around And Around

24 August - Another sporadic thunderstorm came and went before I realised it had even started - seems to be a bit of that around here. Took some steps to rectify the dire pancake shortage i've been experiencing this past month (did get some in Cork but they were of an incredibly low calibre - I need mine with that extra special ingredient that isn't baking powder) and also took in a museum in the afternoon which is something else that has probably been lacking on this trip (but museums and galleries will always be there, at least on a philosophical level), Early evening I headed over to Olly's for some foods followed by a ride out to the local velodrome for the German track finals in a couple of disciplines - I hate to admit that it's not the most exciting way to spend a couple of hours - incredible stadium and beautiful bikes and amazingly overdeveloped legs but really it's just people racing around in a circle with some variations of strategy. Enjoyment may have been hampered by the fact that I didn't understand how half of the races were run - occasionally the only way i'd know who won a race wss By guaging who was more excired aftrrwards... it was slightly edumacational though. A small pitstop with some unexpected remedies of a slightly different type was followed by a bit of an epic journey around the city looking for the nightlife which has been a little elusive on this journey - took in a few riverside beach bars (another concept which is unknown in Sydney) and chatted with a lady priest in training (who doesn't like to be weighed down with heirarchy and denominations but prefers to see her calling at a more spiritual level ... Or so she tried to explain to us - I don't think I quite understood).

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