Saturday, 11 August 2007

Sure And Begorrah! Tis The Blarney ...

9 and 10 August - Some best laid plans were averted by a pressing need to do some oprganimisation in Dublin - missed out on a planned ride to Glenalough but the city's still got more than a few compatriots to help while away the time - had to do a bit of ferrying and other such things in preparation for the planned exit of Dublin - i've always been so good at keeping possessions down to a minimum but this time i'm way overloaded. Couriers still drinking themselves and me under the table and hopes of an early night were thwarted once again by that legendary oirish hospitality - did manage to get myself to the right bus station with the right possessions in time to get myself out of the capital in order to start seeingsome more of the green island. Not the worst bus trip i've ever had but not the best - may have even nodded off for a nap (or somethingresembling a nap) but eventually made it to Cork where I found the dorm (oh god, i'm too old for this) occupied by young Germans on an 8 day drinking binge - do you only have one beer in Australia? Fosters? Ja? - Yes, there is only one beer in Australia ... - That is really strange we have thousands in Germany - SAVE ME). Went on a rather pointless tour of the city - nothing terribly exciting at first and the fact that it was pissing down with rain didn't do much to help my mood (that i'm still stuck in bike shoes and only have one pair of pants didn't help either). In any event, not wanting to waste the limited time on the Emerald Isle thought it would be prudent to make it out to one of the tourist attractions or two - i'd seen signs to blarney throughout the town - didn't know how far it was but was aware that the Eirbus was running a day tour out there thought it would be prudent to make the journey by velocipede (got to get something out of the carbon soled footwear) - found myself on a motorway still raining unpleasantly and, like Bray, soon found the signs to Blarney disappearing and could onlyhope I was on the right track. Luckily, the town appeard after about 10k (or less) and it was small enough that the castle was more or less hard to miss - beautiful old castle in lovely grounds, the rain also kept away the majority of the tourists (praise be, can't stand tourists) and I soon foun myself at the summit kissing the fabled stone (yes, i've heard the rumours about what the locals do the stone at night but i'm sure they're just rumours). Still felt rather cold and la miserable but luckily this is ireland and there's mo shortage of establishments where one can bring their body back to a civilised state.

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