Sunday, 26 March 2006

Winding Down?

23 March - Warnings from the weatherman that the rain would be hard and without mercy prompted me to layer up with tights, long shorts, two jerseys, my buff, ski soks and the godawful rain jacket - lo and behold it only spattered for a little bit in the afternoon and the only real moisture came from inside the clothes and not out (i mean I was sweating - I didn't wet myself - at least I don't think I did). Lee is starting to irritate me even more than usual. He's constantly uncontactable and yesterday he was off for an hour in a 'meeting' and we had one of the driver dispatchers working for a while(who was completely useless) -afterwards Lee seemed reallyupset and I asked him what was wrong. He said it was really bad and asked for to call him on the phone. I did and he told me he'd tell me tomorrow. When tomorrow rolled aound I asked him wht was up and he just sai it was relly bad but then refused to elaborate. I presume its something to do with service issues because there desperate for bikers but they've burned their bridges with just about every experienced biker town so they keep on hiring rookies who often have no temperament for the job and they end up quitting or getting fired (the turnover in the past five months has been astonishing). In an event, with a day or two left at the company and lee's melodramatic behaviour I’m just not that concerned about what's going to happen. It was ever super busy but I did find myself crisscrossing town doing ridiculous distanes for single trips - I even bumped into Mo and he told me that he heard that I was going all over town (i can’t imagine why Lee wouldhave mentioned that to him) bu at th end of the day I did 60k which is a record for a day in the core. After work I had to listen to stu complaining about the fact that me and jason get all the good work - i'm surprised that Stu is underutlised because he's a fast little bastard but I know next week will be good for him (end of month and I won’t be there to steal trips from him). It beingThursday meant that we were paid a visit by herb with sunshine muffins - he was really concerned about my upcoming operation and said he'd come and pick me up from the hospital if Mark fell through. There's something about him which is really amazing - he's a die hard christian who has prettymuch devoted his life to helping other people but he's never preached once. He doesn’t drink or smoke but is completely unperturbed by the bikers passing a joint around in front of him. I'm certainly going to miss him when I go.
The post work day was certainly not full of excitement either - just exhausted, yet again, after such a day and could barely drag myself out of the house to do some errands that were necessary to my ongoing survival - got snaped at by the SuperValu girl who then proceeded to bite the head off another customer as well (it made me feel better to know I wasn’t being singled out) and also endured the philosophical ramblings of the eejit who works at the JJ Beans cafĂ© (pretty good coffee and excellent baked products but the staff are just excruciating - have decided it's pretty much all the people in the service industy in this country that I don't like). Rene's birthday (or Valentines) present arrived from South Korea to his great excitement - he's been talking about its upcomingarrival for months now and it's lateness has given him reason to make veiled threats to the household in case anyone would think of hiding it from him (and why would they want to do that, Rene??? You're the socal misfit in THIS house) - I also think he's a bit disappointed with the contents but what are you going to do?

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