Monday, 27 March 2006

Are we clear? 10-4?

24 March - Today is the start of the first proper break from work since i arrived in this country. Today, being today since i finished working in the evening so it's really tomorrow when the break starts but that's just being pedantic. Since i started in october i've worked pretty much every day bar weekends and of course theres that two week holiday when i first at the beginning of the year. After 88 days of working, i moved 4389 trips and rode a conservative 4884 km (on the job only, not including riding on my own time).
Today was a really good easy day - Lee was pumping me, even admitting to me that he was giving me all the Superhots i could handle. I got a few complaints from a surly stu, 'i came to this buildingand when i saw your bike outside it i just didnt even bother' and even Jason, the fastest and easily the most professional of all of us complained that he hardly got any juice today. The day was very relaxing despite feeling very physically worn through most of the day. It's felt a bit like a really extended marathon where i'm just constantly exerting and exerting and i'm reaching a bit of a wall. I can't wait to have a bit of a rest so my by can restore itself to its peak (or whatever that is at the moment). I did some really long rides over town but they were usually very profitable by any comparison to the effort i had to expend to do them. I brought my camera along today with the idea of gettingsome pictures of couriers in motion but just couldnt get it out whilst i was on my bike so i decided on getting snaps of all of my favourite mailrooms, sherriffs and receptions (and receptionists) instead. To celebrate my little holiday i purchased a case of Pilsner Urquell from the cold beer and wine to consume with my fellows. It was celebrated by all who were present when i arrived and before long other couriers who'd beeen paged over radios and by mobile telephone call swooped down upon the art gallery at the news of free beer and it wasn’t long before were more couriers than there were cans of beer and yet all were drinking. It was a miracle. It was a miracle i got home that night. Got gloriously drunk at the park and the Cambie and Pub 340 before the second set of a very loud death metal (death metal, yeah! I listen to death metal to relax man) band scared me home. Wobbled up the hill after some heavy ingestion before I knew it wasn’t going to be feasible to make it home under my own steam. Got home and housemates trickleld in over the next few hours and cartoon repeats started to flicker to life on the TV (i can't understand how i've been watching TV in this country for about five months and yet have seen the same three family guy episodes about 50 times -it's a prety great show but I didn’t expect to be sick of repeats like this until a couple of years into watching it - I don’t know if its going to hold me for that long).

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