Saturday, 25 March 2006

It's cold, it's slow, it's wet and it's long ...

22 March - That about summed it up for today. Had not been on the road for a minute and my feet were soaked from water coming from below and the rest of me was soaked from rain coming from above. It didn't stop all day. To top it all off it was really hectic and I just didn’t feel comfortable zipping back and forth across town with the roads completely slick and my glasses completely fogged up. Every courier I bumped into today was bitchingabout the weather and I had to endure the mocking cheerfulness of the receptionists and other office workers joking 'ooh, it's not a good day to be a courier, isn't it?' - 'oh, just f**k off and let me steam in peace will you?'. The elevator TV weather forecast for the rest of the week kept alternating between 'Cloudy With Some Showers' to 'Rain' - not even 'Light Rain' which is what today apparentlywas. So, I don't think i'm going to be a very happy courier tomorrow either. Lee kept on disappearing off the airwaves during the day and his constant misuse of the signoff '10-4' is reallystarting to bug me. '10-4' means 'Message Received' - if I tell him that nobody is home at a pick and I need a 'no load' you cannot just say '10-4' and expect me to be satisfied. If I go to three places in a row and find out that the 1lb envelopes that the clients have called in ar actually 10lb boxes and bags of fluffy toys I do not want to hear '10-4' as a response. To him it's the answer to anyquestion, it's a way of sayinghello or goodbye or probably even askinga girl out on a date. I don't deny that I often get stressed and have temper tantrums in elevators when i'm alone but I did find myself giving him a good talking to over the radio a couple of times today - his response to my verbal barraging, '10-4' of course. As soon as the day was over I just wanted to get home and have a hot shower eat copious amounts of bread and bread red products - I rented out 'Derailed' which was good for a giggle and thought about doingsomething productive, but anything productive was out of the question because I was just too tired. I'm sure i'll have plenty of energy next week when i'm unable to do anything with it but thems the (wrist) breaks I guess.

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