Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Okay, now we're clear ....

25 March - The man's predictions for bad weather have been rather lapse of late which is not something i'm going to complain about. I'm still gnashing my teeth at not being able to use ibuprofen to combat my aches and pains but the rest from not working should do a great deal to allow my body to repair itself. The fact that I couldn’t take an ibuprofen to combat the powerful hangover from the excessive amounts of beer and jaegar shots (ugh) that was forced on me yesterday sure didn't help. Last night's festivities ended with the consumption of pipeweed from Gandalf (Mark's long stemmed glass pipe) and Mark's famous hot dogs for wasters (they're grilled and boiled or, heaven forbid, nuked) - Mark seems to revel in the position of leading the late night munchies by diligently taking orders like a short order cook and providing pepsi from his private stash (which is in his room so they're never cold) . I think he enjoys the feeling of leadership and power that comes from directing such an important event. Hey, if he wants to feed me i'm not going to complain although i'm going to have to be carful with my caloric intake over this next few months because I sure won't be burningas much as I have whilst working. I'mhoping my appetite will decrease with the lack of exercise but in any event i'm going to have to reduce my bread and bread relattd product intake subsstantially.
My hair went bad so I cut it off with a chainsaw. Spent the afternoon with Jason at a very bad coffee shop doing one of the two things that is inevitable in life (taxes) and talked a bit of philosophy before meeting up with Shadow to go to a bike party. It was in the back of an industrial warehouse and I have to admit that I was surprised that there is such a large community of bike enthusiasts in this city. There was a fair contigent of couriers but there were track racers, freak bikers (really tall bikes, really small bikes, really weird bikes) and a bunch of people who normaly do the critical mass (reclaim the streets). Couldn’t stay too late because I had a very early wakeup the next day but did have quite the time. Was planning to participate in the sprint races that had been set up in the alley behind the party but on the fourth heat between one of the track bike couriers, Matt (a sullen and rather unpleasant chap if ever there was one) and another random individual the latter wiped out rather seriously and smashed his head against the pavement, knocking himself unconscious. Before we knew it the alley was cleared and a fire engine soon turned up closely followed by an ambulance. I'm not sure why the fire engine was there but it sure mad a lot of noise. Needless to say the sprint competition was cancelled which is a shame as baby blue could have met that challenge I think.

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