Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sounds of Silence

7 September - Finally, after much travelling, I finally got a chance to enjoy a decent inclusive breakfast - managed to spill some cereal which earned me a vicious snarl from the waitress but survived her attack long enough to consume cereal, yoghurt, eggs (not like Marias), bacon, sausage, hash brown, toast, lamb (i think it was lamb ... I hope it was lamb) and pancakes (did they have the magical ingredient? Of course not) and I was sated. No luck with fixing the bike chain and after consulting with the local bike shop it turned out that it was my fault that I broke the chain in the wrong place and he wouldn't be able to fix it until Wednesday but, like all good bike mechanics if they realise you are of the class (or at least of the brotherhood) he suggested a workaround which worked beautifully. So learned a new trick - and also learned that adding table salt to soap is very good for removing grease (who'd have thought?). With Chevette in good repair we hired a cruiser and took ourselves up to Trinity Beach (think it was Trinity Beach) where we swam in crocodile infested waters for a very brief period and then took ourselves back to town to recover from the ordeal. Some required more recovery than others. A joyful search for free wifi hotspots in town culminated in late success (the city is absolutely full of them but all seem to be on a plan which is against my deeply valued principles) and this was followed by another fascinating wander through the tourist filled town in search of something to eat which was actually rather successful in the end with an excellent dinner at a cliché filled Greek restaura' (they even smashed plates ... That being a Greek custom and all). Also, in preparation for a possible entry into submerged waters i'd taken the opportunity to make a booking with the medical establishment to collect some material for making candles (last time I went underwater I couldn't hear for a week which actually might have been advantageous for what awaits me in Sydney upon my return) and now, with the pathways cleared, i've actually got no choice but to listen to people. You'd never believe what people say sometimes.

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