Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Forecast For Today - Sugar, Sugar and More F**king Sugar

17 and 18 September – Confidential stuff can be rather stressful at times – its great to be given gossip at any time but sometimes it feels like I’m being used as a hole that’s going to be filled up and planted with reeds (read your bible, heathens) - it’s nice to see a CEO who reacts so heartily to statistics but not so nice when you’re the one producing said statistics and you’re still not sure how the hell the numbers are being generated and what actually goes into them.  Was very glad to find out the exchange rate for the AUD-CND despite knowing that now that the wheels are in motion one of them will take a dive or a spike and leave me in the lurch, certainly some time over the next 4 to 6 weeks which is the estimate for how long the processing of international cheques takes.  Also nice to see that with smaller banking institutions internet transfers still go through even if you put in the wrong account number (must be the human touch or something like it).  After fleeing from the windswept offices where I was being pummelled by the intricacies of strange formulae and the arcane sci-art of the contact centre I found myself in the middle of a birthday party and a malformed cake that was quite delicious despite the fact that it needed a haircut – still, it afforded a brief respite from the sci-art which carried on far beyond the time it should have carried on to, seemed to transition into the next day with nary a subconscious thought to distract me.  More of the same which is not really a bad thing – a bit more confusion about things I don’t really understand followed by more birthday cake in place of a promised luncheon followed by sugar fix candy whistles and Weis ice cream (I’m taking in more empty calories than I did when I was working for Hermes).  Unexpected praise, unexpected responsibility.  What’s my world coming to?  Despite the faith apparently being shown in my ability I still don’t seem to have the common sense to shut the door properly – well, at least there is balance in the force.

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