Sunday, 9 September 2007

Hangover, Handover and Passing Over

25 and 26 July – Went to work with a hangover closely followed by a handover.  My replacement in the insurance industry seemed like a nice enough fellow – slightly older guy and I don’t think he really knows what he’s in for.  His experience seemed a bit more suited for doing a real job and not the glorified admin assistant which the role currently seems to be – couldn’t work Excel like me which might actually work in his stead – I kept on wanting to grab the f**king mouse off him but soon enough he’ll have it to himself.  At least it meant I had something to do ...  On the way over to Coogee for PJ’s ‘Lemmings’ premiere was intercepted by Dottie and went via Woolloomooloo and a nice dark route through Centennial – enjoyed the film more the second time, gave it a favourable review and had a very nice lamp rump with balsamic marinade before riding homeward to fulfil other pleasant duties.  A lot less to do when there’s no handovers but caught up on the wikisphere and plugged a few more numbers and words into spreadsheets and handover documents and had a choc top.  Had to get out of there earlyish to go do some other couple duties – delivered a pizza to the after school day-care (are you the sitter?  No, I'm not the sitter ...), got rid of one child and had the lion’s share of a Capitanos pizza with the other.  Am I being domesticated?  Never.  Chevette is in pieces at the moment and that’s awesome, I hope Hermaphrodite is up for the journey on the morrow.

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