Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Remember, Remember, the 11th of September

11 September – Finally, after many weeks of suffering through the Western and Eastern States of Old and New Europe, I was granted the boon of a Palms piccolo latte – and a finer coffee couldn't be had, even if a substantial portion of it ended up on a fine pair of trouser.  More fascinating but confidential aspects of the contact centre industry were shown to me – new responsibilities, interesting methods of ... Motivation, some benefits and some of the most baffling spreadsheets I’ve ever had the misfortune to try to decipher.  Am I capable of what has been bestowed upon me?  Well, time will tell.  Seemed to be a bit forgetful in the evening – on the way of to Link Plastics was rolling along Miller St (or maybe it was just BPR but it was very close to Miller St) when I felt on top of my head and was surprised to find the cloth of a silly hat rather than the fibreglass of a helm.  It wasn’t that far to go back to retrieve it but it was a bit hilly for my liking – really not confident negotiating McMahons Point with toe clips just yet – skidding just doesn’t come naturally – so I took myself down the road sometimes travelled for an eating and a webbing session (as I’d forgotten some other key pieces of equipment work went slightly slower than planned but we at link are like Jack Daniels - don’t like to rush).

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