Sunday, 16 September 2007

Never Say Never Again

14 September – Life in the 512kb lane has its ups and downs – high level executive meetings (???) and low level one-on-ones – took some sage advice from a venerable man of bidness but still had trouble bringing up what needed to be brought up – personally, I’d rather chat about WoW and Bioshock but some things just need to be said.  After escaping the world of wireless broadband I found myself back with the men (and woman!) of the road (and I’ve really got to stop reminiscing about my ‘time on the streets’ - people always seem to think that I was homeless when I was really just a man of the class).  Not much has changed except a few new faces, a couple of old ones and the continuing game of musical jerseys.  Avant moved to Crisis.  Bonds to Toll.  Crisis to Toll.  Call to Crisis.  Crisis to Call.  Crisis to Bonds.  Nobody leaves this job – they just leave companies.  Does this mean that I'll be back one day?  What was the name of that James Bond movie?  The one with Sean Connery returning to the role after he’d abandoned it – there was a different Q in it as well ... I can’t remember – but Octopussy is still my favourite.  The Breakfast Club has a lot of inexplicable dancing.

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