Monday, 10 September 2007

All Good Things (Again)

9 September – Well, it had to happen – the last day of the holiday and as we were flying out around midday there wasn’t much to do except try to get the last money’s worth of the breakfast and try to find a decent coffee.  Once again, best laid plans to get to the airport on time were thwarted by dodgy taxi companies but, once again, all worked out in the end – was rushed through check in and loaded onto the plane to hit the rubber chicken circuit and watch a crappe movie – Next may have been an interesting short story but like many of Mr Dick’s tiny tales it didn’t really work when stretched – plot and execution of the sci-fi phenom were laughable as were the bizarre action scenes where Mr Cadillac’s foresight allowed him to dodge bullets and fists of fury with fits of fury but I was on a plane and it was something I hadn't seen before and now I never have to see it again.  Upon arrival the weight of being in the city of the Politician’s Olympics started to take its toll – the logistics of what awaits me is slightly overwhelming but reality beckons.

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