Friday, 21 September 2007

Forsooth, You Rascal And Ne'er-do-well!

19 and 20 September – One coffee is good, two coffees is pushing it, three spins me out until noon.  It’s a good thing I had some arts and crafts to distract me as well as baffling numbers that revealed a bit more of their mystery in the afternoon (which has to be a good thing).  It’s all happening it seems – blurs of activity amid a haze of cigarette smoke and caffeine – at least its something I believe in (to a point).  Things got progressively better and progressively worse but can only presume that it will start to make sense in the end.  Some tough decisions were to be made in the evening in relation to sorting out a bed – took an effortful drive out to Rhodes to one of the more unpleasant economic models – what could have taken 10 minutes ended up taking hours as we traipsed around and around in circles of the Swedish home ware giant, was forcefully reminded that I was one of the masses and I was not a delicate unique snowflake.  At least when it was located in Gordon (or even Moore Park) they came to us and we didn’t have to go to them.  And I didn’t even get to play in the balls.  Still, found an unexpected bargain at the end which made the whole thing bearable.  Just.

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