Tuesday, 4 September 2007

International Man Of Business

2 September - Despite staying at the first hotel that might actually provide a good breakfast and not just the horrors of the loosest claims to a Continental one this side of the pond was woken by the friendly concierge and had to run out to the airport and board long before the first slice of toast was even put in the toaster (not that toast seems to be a fixture of Eastern European breakfasts - the barbarians) - similar flight to coming in albeit a much smoother landing and a few hours at my favourite of the International Airports where I ensured that dad got onto the right flight before wandering off to the Bidness class lounge for I am a Bidness man (i want you to get out there and do some business! At the speed of business! And when you go back home I want you to analyse some business! Oh, god help me ... but, to this day, even amongst the high tech corporate travellers the Guide still draws longing glances and jealous attitudes because no matter how much power they carry around in their shoulderbags my toy is still much smaller than their toy). After spendng the last hour in the airport in a slightly hazy Becharovka induced daze I found myself sitting in a chair with ample legroom, choice of meal (blue cheese stuffed steak no less!), my every whim catered for, even an armrest that you don't have to fight your neighbour for! And nothing but resentment for the man who put me there. You get a little taste of what this whole flying thing can be like then it's gone at the speed of burned away jetfuel. Interesting to be surrounded by English speakers after I once again negotiated my way back into Ye olde England with nary a stamp on my passport - it's easy to forget what it's like catching split second snippets of conversations of the people around (and whilst I've always been nosy and like to catch a peek into the lives of others it's actuallyquite pleasant to have that isolation).
After lugging the baggage (which despite my best efforts has ballooned on the journey (must be the masses of presents i've bought for people back in Australia ... ?) back to 'ackney where I found my splendid cousin in good spirits where I managed to convince him of the benefits of going to an overpriced cinema theatre to see the film I considered boycotting but knew I would see eventually - the Simpsons may have been 20 years in the making but it should have come 10 years ago when the show was still good (and allowed the movie to end that most amazing cultural phenom on a high note) - that said, it seems that the writers must have been storing away 20 years worth of gags to stuff into the 90m film and it was pretty f**kin' awesome. Almost worth the 9 pounds (approximately $A234.20) it cost to get in. Finished off with an overpriced hamburger (which was one of the better burgers i've eaten in this fine nation but not a patch on Burger Fuel - but, seriousl, what is?). Also played Bioshock when I got home, i'm not the biggest fan of the First Person Shooter but this could potentially change my mind.

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