Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Life Goes On

10 September -  A new day, a new job and a new residence (although this will not be occupied for a little while) - supposing I should probably wear something slightly smart meant Chevette wasn’t needed in the morning (which is good, because she was in pieces and wasn’t much good for anything) and I took the Ducati vehicle instead which got me into the new place that will take up my days on time (?).  Once again, confidentiality is key – however, have to say that I got a much better feeling about this place in terms of its potential for soul destruction (relatively low), friendliness of coworkers (very friendly ... Almost TOO friendly), zaniness of environment (this is the bell that gets dinged whenever there’s a successful resolution (which is applauded every time???), this is the throne that the best CR gets to sit in (is that a punishment or a reward?), belief in statistics (that’s got to be good for me, right?) and overall relaxedness of situation.  As with anywhere, there’s a bit to be desired, but one has to think in relative terms and I’m going to go out on a limb and try something I don’t try very often – optimism occasionally has its place.  Bumped into a few people over the day – nothing seems to have changed much while I’m away although apparently a nemesis (not icy cold angel of death) is vacating the city, life is going on as it does.  And so it goes.

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