Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Parking, Sex and Broadband

23 and 24 September – Hangovers are not my favourite way to start a morning but when they’re coupled with pancake mix that just won’t solidify it almost becomes too much to bear.  All the ingredients were there but maybe there wasn’t enough flour or maybe the frozen blueberries were lowering the surface temperature – they wouldn’t firm, they wouldn’t flip, they wouldn’t do anything that they were supposed to and I had to temporarily turn over the reigns in order to maintain sanity.  McMahons Point to Woollahra is a cool 26 minutes when nothing slows you down – the Stanley/Chester slope could cause some future injury so one will have to be careful.  The bed is now in one piece – not a screw to spare (or missing praise be) - and will be hopefully be used at some point in the near future.  Unfortunately my discount code couldn’t be found and despite calling the call centre and asking her to ransack my drawers unsuccessfully this meant further delays on breaking one of my long help principles but that day will come soon.  
First morning ride out to work from the new homestead was relatively successful – took a relatively direct route but a bit too steep up and a bit too steep down – there are many other ways to go and I’m sure I’ll try all of them over the coming weeks – bit of a blur but pushed through the day and followed with an evening seeing Mugh McKay and some shonky pollster who we’d been warned were presenting contradictory views on social research (qualitative and quantitative) but were so self congratulatory and in agreement on just about everything they had to say that I wasn’t really sure what to think afterwards – especially as I didn’t agree with Mugh’s view that we’ve been living in a dreamy world of backyard blitzing and self improvement obsessions and have been completely unaware of the world that’s passing us by.  Maybe that wasn’t what he was saying but it was a relatively pleasant way to spend an evening – think I made a mistake afterwards in the post talk wrap-up but I’m apparently very good at that.  I’m sure forgiveness will come – it usually does (eventually).  And finally, after a tremendous delay I’ve visited a prostitute.  Well, close enough.

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