Friday, 14 September 2007

The Green Road

12 and 13 September – With great power comes great responsibility and it is only the wise who know how to handle that power.  This occurs on an economy of scale.  Pantaloons are reaching the end of their life but I cannot let them go – I run a grave risk of allowing them to bare more of me than should be bared but, right now, there are no other options.  After escaping the farm to go and see ‘Forbidden Lie$’ (I think it was called Forbidden Lie$ with the rather dated usage of non alphanumeric characters to represent letters – if the director was going to do that why did she have to be so Austra-Yankocentric?  Couldn’t it have been called Forbidden £¥€$ ???), a rather interesting film about a pathological liar/con artist (it seemed rather familiar to some of the people I’ve known over the years but that’s another story) where a great number of the attendees seemed to be interested in the last three days of my latest sojourn (How was Cairns?  Hi Sax, how was Cairns?  Sax .. How are you, how was Cairns???)  I just circumnavigated the globe and they’re only interested in the bit near the top of the country ...  Someone must have briefed them.
After much cajoling and much preparation I finally managed to get a certain individual to take the green road to work – all the excuses had run out and there was nothing for it but to brave the traffic that has the worst drivers in the world and verticalise ourselves into Redfern – rolled back into work where I found myself rather busy but also rather scared of having to be confrontational (managed to delay the worst of it until the next day) and before I knew it it was time to head back to the inner west to bully that certain individual back home via velocipede – the hardest thing about teaching someone to ride in traffic it is trying to convince them that forcing themselves into the fray is actually safer than sitting on the sidelines – if you push yourself to the front and take the lane then it’s much better than hiding on the edge – no car (generally) is going to ride up the back of you but many cars will sidle along the edge and take you out with a wing mirror.  In any event, a safe return was had by both (still can’t bring myself to ride down the driveway though – I feel like a child again – how grande).  My parents tell a lot of stories, I've accumulated a lot of crap and I love Canadia (especially the Canadian guvverment).

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