Monday, 1 October 2007

Cheap Night, Expensive Day

28 Sand 29 Eptember – For some reason excessive evenings seemed to put me in a more relaxed state on Friday and despite being denied ... Something which I can’t remember the day seemed to pass without too much incident.  A few errands for the new president and a little bit of socialisation took me to old stomping grounds where I was informed that another one of my great ideas was stolen.  Me, Dion and El Presidente found ourselves at Town Hall for a silent rave – Dance To Your Own Beat™, basically an ego-casted miniature dance party that was far too noisy to take its assumed nomenclature – disappointed that it was stolen but glad to see it in action nonetheless.  Re-watched the Bourne Supremacy in the evening, I do like an icy cold angel of death nemesis – especially a vodka swilling, Russian dance music listening, ex-LOTR up comer.  Took a morning ride around the Green Witch, had a disappointing café, found that an afternoon planned luncheon had been cancelled by PJ and Kate for some petty excuse (ingrates) then took the freed up afternoon as an opportunity to purchase some new jeans (god, I hate shopping but at least the fact that we were in Newtown meant I got to have some sustenance from the NZ based In-And-Out challenger).
Slowly convincing the people around me of the benefits of the velocipede and a slightly tweaked Frangelica gave me a riding companion out to Leichhardt for a poker night – slightly less entertaining without the Scottish friend (but almost definitely a hell of a lot more efficient) and I wasn’t going to complain about the organisational changes because I found myself with a rather tidy profit for the evening (but not for the day).  Ate smoked drank, got some good news about an event that happened at 11:19pm and then took the slightly wobbly riders back towards the homestead.  The small but doughty man was pushed to his limits and experienced a minor version of what I had to experience a few months ago in the roads of the British Empire but he made it and I was proud of him.

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