Thursday, 11 October 2007


10 October - Who dares to wake me from my slumber???  Mornings and their ilk can be most disturbing at times - didn't get my breakfast upon awakening to dramatic rescheduling of the AM activities - did an escort run to Redfern and doubled back into town (can't complain too much about these events - they expand the ride substantially (although a substantial proportion is at a somewhat reduced tempo), they give me a chance to exert my authoritie and they're for an excellent cause) where i had a halfway decent old school substitute breakfast to bode me through the morning.  Productiivity wasn't at a peak but my empire was plugging away at a decent pace, have high hopes for what it could become.  Some more escort work was required in the evening and had a bit of a reprogramming of evening events due to canine illness (could this be the end of Zebedeeeee?  Not my favourite dog of all time but one that has been a stalwart fixture in my life regardless and one who will be sorely missed from this world).  Its no surprise that Mr G's favourite song at high school was one of Mr Islam's ditties.  A brief respite at Irish pub (which actually is pretty Irish now that I have the experience to determine what is) that turned out to have a trivia going (despite crapping out on some woeful misses - the original king in the Lion King, how could i have not known that arcane bit of trivia - and dreadfully missing the Grand Duo of Sax'N'Binna and the unbeatable triumvirate of the Grand <<insert name here>>), could have stayed because of the tantalising incompetent competition but decided it wouldn't be that night. I have women's underwear to wash and it must be done.  Lucky me.

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