Saturday, 20 October 2007

Hatchback Cars by Škoda

17 and 18 and 19 October - Watch out for cars in the HR fast lane because you might get hit.  Apparently this place can be a bit of sieve - i don't think i'm one of the wholes, at least I don't think i am but apparently there's a drop in the whirlpool.  Afters found myself at a rather prestigious media event - 'so, who are you with?' seemed to be the dominant question in the early stages and I was getting a little tired of using the 'I'm NEW media' line but it did tend to shut people up for a little while and I got less sympathy than saying I was there for moral support.  Fontly speaking, the presentation could have been a bit more exciting but I suppose I should have worked on my mental telepathy before making any giant claims for MS expertise.  Three or four glasses of wine seemed to push the limits of this young gentleman, especially when he was being accosted by a couple of swingers.  Irristibility can be a drawback at times.  Really shouldn't have ridden back to the north side but my potential ride decided that she'd prefer to take the Silver Service cab rather than the bike friendly station wagon behind her and after bombing back over the bridge all it took was a wee sip of beer and a wee puff of nicotine to send me horizontal.  And someone at my dinner!  At least it was replaced by a breakfast.  Stresses and stresses but ah, McMahons.  Confidentiality and a ride back home along the cliff's edge, lamb is very expensive these days, probably because so much is being spent on genetically engineering a tailless sheep that doesn't need to be mulesed.  A bit of a testoserone fuelled cooking frenzy and some warez swapping made for a fine evening of gentlemanly exchange but it also meant another slight sleep in which I'm hoping isn't going to become a habit but it might be.  I'm getting a little confused about what's to be done at times - took a circuitous route through the eastern suburbs and found myself at Chez Collins and the home of the new baby - another one, a plague upon this Earth I say.  Just a bunch of lemmings - but, like lemmings, they're very cute.

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