Sunday, 28 October 2007

Next Time, Swallow The Red Pill ...

26 and 27 (28!!!!) October - I think there were a few more goals kicked at the Confidential Place but I can't quite be sure - in any event, the day was over eventually and i made my way to the Slip Inn for a work drink or two to celebrate the departure of a couple of people I barely knew - made it through the front door before a meaty hand found itself on my shoulder and I was soon informed, not very politely, that i would not be allowed to enter the place of such utter sophistication because of the 'no shorts' policy.  Thought about trying to argue that technically they were 3/4s, i was expected in there and also, how could i not be sophisticated, i have a 2025 postcode but decided that an argument was not really how i wanted to spend the beginning of the weekend so i rolled up to Martin Place where better company (perhaps not so sophisticated) was to be found.  Discovered one of the pitfalls of piracy was randomised files and took a posse up to the video store where little could be agreed upon but a minor consensus allowed us to take on a small chest of discs for evening watching.  Ghost Rider, where do I start? I think it might have worked as a comic book.  Oh, it was?  Well, there you go.  A rather hardcore Saturday that started with fixie traffic dodging across town to the homestead, then my first real pillion ride out to Eastern Creek followed by go karting at the raceway (only really seemed to get it near the end by which stage i was fighting for DFL which i didn't get ... damn) then back cityward for a night of sophisiticated dining at 'aqua' - atmosphere slightly marred by the fact that there was a Christian swim meet happening at the pool below but did score a new animal on the list in the form of the tiniest portion of rabbit possibly ever committed to a dish.  They did have nice bottles of water though.  Who'd have thought, one year ago, that I'd be where I am right now and what does the next year entail?  I hope the next animal is larger.  Whale may be a mammal but so is rabbit.  A pleasant ride to Manly where I had the worst coffee I've had in a long time, little chat with a toothless old courier (why do they always lose their front teeth?  I think I got out at the right time) and back to the other side where our sins caught up with us.  Some people have no self control, I'm glad I'm one of them.

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