Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

2 and 3 October – Some aggressive drivers (and riders!) had the temerity to interrupt the smooveness of the early commute – for a Tuesday it was pretty much what one would expect a Tuesday to be like – fought through the baby section of Davey Jones’ locker – the best thing about babies being born within days of each other (and of the same gender) means presents can be sought out with a minimum of effort.  Escaped the clutches of the freedom place and hitched a ride out to the Prince of Wales to see the latest offering to the world – Coco Rose is small and pretty and quiet and is bound to lose one of those qualities in the future and I’m hoping its the right one.  Was very disappointed by the quality of Arthur’s local franchise offering – I can’t be certain since it was heresy but what I heard is what the boys is being saying is what I heard but apparently the management types decided to turn one of the most popular pizza joints in the country that sold some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten (but possibly not as good as the German offering although that could have been the experience and not the actual foodstuff) into a franchise (was it always a franchise?  I don’t know) by refurbishing the cool, dark interior with bright lights and white tiles and replacing the pizza with the “original” Arthur's recipes which are just the same as half the gourmet pizza places in town.  Well, the audience has spoken.  Very upsetting.  Almost more upsetting than the hours of tech investigation into the punishing home network situation (which is probably Hermes's (God of Communication?  Definitely God of Messengers ...) way of punishing me for all those years of sucking the spare bandwidth off the teat of the multitudes who actually pay for the stuff.  Even recently daughtered tech support guy couldn’t help.
For some reason (I can’t think why ...) a headache upon awakening which was not completely lost by the usually refreshing coast into town (perhaps it was because I was coasting).  Handed over to the router to the experts but I don’t think even they are capable of averting Hermes’ wrath.  Best laid plans are sometimes just that – it’s a Wednesday and Wednesday’s have a purpose.  One must find out what that is.

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