Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Hate The Office, Love The Power

9 October - Early morning is meant for breakfasting and mental preparation for the horrors of daily life - not exercise - first time I've shared Centennial Park with the AM crowd - I don't know why but I felt a lot of resentment towards the lycra clad warriors - perhaps it's was the overweight frames riding roughshod over their underweight frames, perhaps it was because I had to hold back and let myself be overtaken time and time again - nevertheless, I don't think this will be habit forming.  The day of work held new wonders of the human resource experience - managed to delay any meaningful decision for as long as possible but eventually had to cave and not be a Robert Ford - there's always going to be someone disappointed in this world - it had to be someone, unfortunately it was going to be someone who was going to take it worse than others. But what are you going to do?  You're going to commiserate with eating some BurgerFuel and seeing a one woman show.  After seeing that show I was surprised that there was more than one woman in the audience (is that right?  well, that f**king play wasn't).

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