Monday, 1 October 2007

Long Weekends Aren't That Long

1st and 30 Septober – Another speedy ride was just what was needed to shake off the remnants of the poker victory and a new route through Paddington (not so good) and across the Cahill Expressway to the bridge (very good) invigorated the senses enough to steel myself for a children laced extended drive to the heart of the Northern Beaches (a part of Sydney that inhabits a different dimension to the one I’m used to) - a little disorganisation put me in the driver’s seat as Alpha Male bar(BQ)tender and I had to shake off the oestrogen laced help that was pressing in on all sides – not much of a beach when all was said and done – seemed to be more of a marina that one would be more likely to put one’s boat in than one’s person (if one owned a boat to put in it as it were) but one could still while away the day in relatively fine fashion (could have done without the wind, most hated of the elements, but one must take the weather as it comes).  Saw one of the newer specimens to the human population on the way home – young Sarah seemed mostly content to eat and cry and Erasmus wanted everyone to know that he was still going to be the centre of attention for a little while longer.  Best laid plans of a cinematic trip gave way to the home room substitute – the prequel to Enemy of the State would have been a very exciting movie experience were its audience not threatening to pass out from semi-exhaustion whilst watching – certain strategies had to be put in place to require proper attention.  Little bit more riding in the morning – out but not into the zoo, considered kaffirnating in Moss-Man but realised that there’d be no nicobating so had to wait for an overpriced one in the PM’s burb.  It seems my pancake skillz are back in form – no record breakers but at least they were working and not falling apart like recent attempts.  A bit of a battle on the home wifi front – can’t for the life of me to get it to work like it’s supposed to, sporadic success in some areas leads to failures in others but I have got something and that’s a sign that it will work in the future.  Got some photo retouching advice in the afternoon, visited the local beach in the evening, had the worst fish’n’chips I’ve eaten in recent memory and wandered the depths of the Junction trying to find a supermarket.  Local knowledge takes time.

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