Friday, 26 October 2007

Etiquette In The 21st Century - The Double Up Return

24 (or is 25 - it was 25) October - Cracked the elusive formula to do some particular finessing of data and had a small victory, also discovered in my online forum travels a new and rather elegant solution to the problem which is slightly less processor intensive than my version. Had to dress up for the board despite having zero contact with the board and also had to deal with wet underpants for the first half of the day.  Had a rare afternoon caffeine fix and was very disappointed that i missed out on the post 1430 double stamp - also reminded me that i'm still waiting for my Burgerfuel membership card (have not joined a hamburger club in my short life and i think it's time that i do); in evening had a run in with the cunning workers at Guzman and Gomez, the half decent Mexican chain that the small but doughty man dragged me along to.  Ordered the beef burrito sans beans and was a short way through when I realised they'd snuck a paltry poultrey version on me - it was still uneaten enough to be returned and swapped for the correct order and hey, if they're going to throw this one out then i might as well eat it, hmm?  This meant i couldn't really polish it off whilst waiting because it would hardly do to tuck in with gusto to something you disliked enough to return.  Was not long before i found myself in the enviable position of having my dinner doubled up but i wasn't to have the last laugh.  Upon the first bite of the replacement the thwarted cook had filled my new beef burrito with beans and was now rendered inedible.  Could i return it again?  In the interests of not causing a scene i decided it would be safer to just admit that this battle was lost and i ate bird on that night. 

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