Monday, 22 October 2007

Where's The Worm?

20 and 21 October - Wha ... who?  A clean house speaks very little of its occupants - how can you know anything about something when all of their secrets are hidden away?  However, a good day's filing has a certain amount of satisfaction when it's been waiting the best part of two years. Now, that's mostly done it's time to start thinking about paying back the government for all its done for me (and I mean that in the nicest possible way for all the ASIO spiders who might be the only real audience for this particular missive).  I've a feeling I'm going to have to be very careful with the Porsche sunglasses as they've tried to escape my clutches on several occasions now even when I've been doing good deeds.  But what can be done about that?  A little familial reunion to see the boy off at the airport, amusing seeing the frequent flyer try to tell the check-in guy how he should be doing his job.  Good thing that we noticed the Fusion razor blade's electric action before it was dropped off in the plane (we had to explode your luggage sir because of the vibrator (not YOUR vibrator, it's inappropriate to imply ownership)).  Ate some banana bread (baking is very important in any relationship). 
Early morning wakeup call to try to catch the tail end of the Spring Cycle, first time I've ridden over the bridge in about a week (woo); it's much more fun when you're fighting cars and not the critical mass crowd - nonetheless a fair cycle to celebrate spring, took the road to Rhodes, found myself in familiar territory so took the train back homeward and off to a party in the afternoon.  Why would anyone design a toilet seat that won't stay up?  I'm a big believer that anyone using the bowl should be aiming for the water but sometimes there's spray and having a seat that falls down as soon as you push it up is just asking for trouble.  It must have been a woman who invented it.  Is that a sexist comment?  Coming from me I suppose it must be.  Watched the great debate in the evening - according to the worm which I didn't see it was taken by Rudd but most of the elections I can remember in recent years were won by the loser - and how many voters actually watch the debate?  Far more people see the dodgy ads with the unflattering photos of the other side's leader and the ominous gravelly voiceover declaring the horrors of what might happen if that party will win.  Many questions, many answers (some of which were even answers to the actual questions) and a bit of school boy baiting by each side.  I know who I'll be voting for anyway. 

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