Sunday, 21 October 2007

Stop Me If You've Heard This Before

6 and 7 October – A ride through town to recover from previous night’s excesses was welcomed, breaking of fast in Surry Hills was rather disappointing though, food stuff intake was slightly improved at La-Paris Go in Bondi – had been absolutely assured by small but doughty that the food was superb – well, don’t know if it was the place itself or just the suburb and the day but any place where you have to wait half an hour for breakfast (or luncheon) is probably worth going to – was impressed enough by it to give it another go but not so much that I’ll be making plans to get there again. Waitress was surly in a good way which is preferable to being just surly.
Am definitely in need of a tourist’s guide to Woollahra and Paddington – an evening stroll through the backstreets revealed that there’s a lot more to it once one breaks free of the Oxford Street.   Is it just me or should Frank Oz stick to the front side of the camera?  If the audience reaction was anything to go by it was probably the funniest movie to hit cinemas since Dirty Rotten Scoundrels but this film like that film had about as much entertainment value as far as I was concerned.  Now, a gay dwarf lover is a pretty f**king funny concept but it can’t carry a film.  Nobody’s accused me of lacking a sense of humour for not enjoying this film, thus far, but that did happen when I expressed distaste for his previous fillum – is it the lowest common denominator?  I think and hope so.  Golf was cancelled, don’t know if I should be disappointed or not – the invitation piqued my interest but not so much that I could really feel disappointed by the lack of it – I’ve got to stay away from Bondi Junction.  Malls don’t suit my temperament very much.

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Chris said...

the grind in paddington, best value and quality breakie in sydney as a paddo local. full english and juice 15.50. sells tobys estate, same as the palms.

went to kink on bourke. 6 bucks for a juice i ask you?