Thursday, 25 October 2007

I Like Škoda's But Not That Much

22, 23 and 24 October – Well, it's good to know that a certain somebody is no longer homeless although it does seem that I'll have to take care of the housewarming gift but that's what the bidnessman has to do.  Making some small progress on some of the fronts but not all - I'm quite curious as to the reasons why anyone would think I have the slightest interest in Kylie Minogue's comeback - I don't dislike her or her music but I don't recall ever advertising that I joined her fanclub.  Was suitably disgusted by the level of service at the Cock'N'Bull - we have no electronic buzzers therefore you cannot order any food (???) but the meal wasn't too bad despite being pipped at the post in finishing it by a small (but doughty) man.  First of the television wars was resolved without a shot being fired - very excited to finally get to see the Val Kilmer epic 'Real Genius', at least until I watched it.  Despite rave reviews by the Club it was not nearly as great as I'd hoped - typical college comedy with cold war overtones - it could have been a lot worse but I find it hard to sympathise with a bunch of geniuses who work out at the last minute that their 5 megawatt laser might be used as a weapon.  What's it going to be used for?  Ah, we'll let the engineers work that one out.  Not exactly as attuned as Robert Oppenheimer's grandiose statements of doom but it's good to see a pre-Iceman pretty boy Kilmer (he's really pretty unlike his bizarre looking co-star) doing what he does.  And another thing, why would a certified genius give a flying f**k if his "professor" tells him that he might not let him graduate?  What's a degree when you can build a laser beam??? 
Not sure what happened the next day but I presume it was relatively riveting but afterwards went to see Michael Clayton at the worst possible cinema for a Tuesday (although you could get a drink there so I couldn't really be too upset - not that i got one) - pretty slow but not so bad, always good to see the man get it stuck to him even when it was a woman (who was relatively sympathetic when all was said and done).  Had my first ride in the rain in a while - not so much fun when you're wearing jeans (not so much fun when you're not in the class) and had to do a bit of driving later on.  Growl.  I don't know, I just don't know.

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