Saturday, 6 October 2007

Still In The Bidness

4 and 5 October – Cigarellos and other foul scented cheroots can take their toll on a man especially when there are meetings, meetings, meetings and meetings one didn’t even know where on.  Sometimes its good to watch a taut political thriller, even one by the Bruckaneer and filled with all manner of famous actors and famous actors’ sons.  It’s also good to rewatch a film when one has the benefit of recently seeing its ancient prequel – one scene, which seemed relatively pointless at the time, was all the more enlightening when taken as an homage to the predecessor.  Also interesting to note the prevalence of foul language which one only really notices when sitting next to an eight year old (you’re not allowed to use those words until you’re older ... Like when you are nine).  Fool that I am forgot to drop the vids off on the way into work but lucky for me I still have some friends in the delivery bidness and it was a quick call for rectification on that front.  I do remember feeling nothing but disgust for a girl when I did a DVD return for her back in Vancouver – now it doesn’t seem so lazy.  It seems that I’ve adjusted enough to the toe clips in order to be able to climb up hills again – also interesting to note that my new affectation seems to have earned itself some fans, it could be a brave new world in the Sydney messenger scene.  After suffering through a Polynesian theme day and battling with the stresses of HR decisionology I went to relax by helping out the Green Dog with her alley cat for Peckers only (what a nasty term) and before I knew it I found myself in the competition (my entry was validated by the fact that I was no longer working and a shortage of competitors).  Been a little while since my last alley cat and this one was actually quite a good one – relatively simple, just hit checkpoints and do random tasks but at night time and in the relative rush hour of after six meant it was certainly not breezy.  A couple of very good checkpoints – Loading Dock of Tower 3 Darling Park, a bitch of a get to even during the daytime but even worse at night, the unknown to me at the time Butt St for naughty photos (which put me in good stead for the grand prize) - almost got run into by another competitor, made a bad navigation decision at one crucial point and had Chevette’s chain come off on busy Elizabeth street meant for a very interesting ride.  Came in fourth which was not too shabby but won the only prize worth winning in the end (Best Buttocks 2007 – great prize when you apparently don’t have any) and proceeded to get relatively drunk afterwards. But certainly not as drunk as other it seems.

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