Friday, 30 November 2007

And The Winner Is

28 to the end of November - What's it all about?  Fatigue plagued me throughout the AM due to being beaten soundly during the time when I should have been sleeping but there's not much that can be done about that - despite the abuse I ended up coming back for more later on.  Volunteered my labours to some partial setup of venue for the upcoming Australian Pulitzers (not completely sure that it was all required - why would you possibly get someone to set up an entire hall and not put the paper covers on the chiars?  that's like ... that's like ... getting someone to do a letter campaign for you ... they write, print, stuff the envelopes then give them back to you for putting the stamps on and they then take them and send them out ... or something ... quite strange).  Fancy pants Bite Me hamburgers just don't seem to cut it when compared to the Burger Fuel version - very messy as well.  Early morning wakeup call to head out towards North Ryde - piked out at the last second and got a taxi from town (I really wasn't very sure as to where i was supposed to go but i would have found it in the end) - great thing about visiting vendors is that you can wear shorts ... if it's a customer you have to put on a suit (why is that?).  Escaped early for an evening of baudiness and revelry - got to walk the red carpet and drink vodka martinis and see respected journalists and others make complete idiots of themselves.  No one got hurt unfortunately but am sure that next year that will be remedied.  Some strange taxi journeys - rather than fight for the limited number of taxis available ended up randomly sharing them with strangers who had their own stories to tell.  Drank way too much myself and suffered massively the next day  but that's what annual leave is for ... 

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