Thursday, 22 November 2007

Politics and The Hedge

21 and 22 November - So many meetings, so little time - learned something, could have learned more, the politics of the bidness - why is everything so hard on a Mac?  To spite them for trying to make everything easy Windows does all they can to keep the silver warrior out of the business world - Frangelica took me out to Willoughby where low cholesterol comestibiles were consumed and productivity wasn't as good as it potentially could have been - did engage in a little high seas action which is always exciting but took the lazy way home which is not - have finally managed to sample the well regarded local 'all you can eat' pizza bar which has been recommended as both a place of decent comestibiles and a 'great space' but have decided that both reviewers should review the review - pizza eminently average and what kind of a space is it if one can't take indulge in more than one vice at a time?

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