Sunday, 18 November 2007

What If You Held A Party And Nobody Came?

16 and 17 November - Despite having every intention of calling in sick in the AM i did find myself at the place of bidness where productivity was not a high ambition for the day - escaped the clutches in the daylight but that's only because we're in DST - an evening of trivia made me realise how much i miss the crew when at such activities - some questions I had in me but far too many obvious misses and there just wasn't the support network in Years and Sports - we could have destroyed it and all had a fine time sailing away from all the troubles that hinder us on the shore.  After what was probably a few too many tasty beverages for some of us the long ride back to 2025 took a little longer than it sometimes can - after all, an army can only move as fast as its slowest man (or woman!) and there was a narrow avoidance of police intervention caused by a light that swung too much and a cyclist who didn't swing enough but nobody lost their licence.  Tasks of the day included getting hair cut (with free splash of colour - what's a splash?) from the community hair salon and drinking beer in the city to strategise on the worst way to find a car parking space near the Rocks (involving quick trip through Wedding Central and Kent St and a tour of the north side of the bridge ... my navigation is only good for two wheeled velocipedes ... I've always said that when I'm in a car I'm not to be listened to) - some test filming successful but at what cost? 
After an afternoon of catching up on YouTube zeitgeist the evenings poker shenanigans are looking increasingly dire.  At this stage, I don't expect to lose too much money at least.  And lo and behold I didn't lose (too) much.

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