Monday, 19 November 2007

Oh No, Not Again

18 November - What could have been an early morning wakeup call thankfully wasn't - caramel hair and hangover notwithstanding (but that's what comes from going to a community hairdresser and holding a Go Johnny Go Go Go night) - fortified myself with localised pancakes which were of a decent quality and took a trip back town towards Circular Quay to retake my position as First Assistant Frustration Ventor where a little bit of filming was done for the next LostSheep masterwork - this was followed by watching a not so masterful period piece in the early evening - had misgivings about Elizabeth the first time round and could feel Mel Gibson rolling in his grave at the grave misuse of the horse mounted inspirational speech before the troops cliche - if I have to see another one of those in this lifetime I am going to scream.  Seriously, this insanely overused standard movie setpiece is becoming less and less tolerable as each movie goes by - what was inspiring to the point of parody in Braveheart ("They may take our lives but they will never take ... OUR FREEDOM!", which even then I had my misgivings about) is is now just a cringeworthy - Russell Crowe in Gladiator ("Release Hell!", Brad Pitt in Troy ("Immortality!  Take it, it's yours!"), Dennis Quaid in Dragonheart (the less said about that the better ... did he even talk?), Colin Farrell in Alexander (although it must be said that this at least had an original take on it ... crossing to the bird was cool) and it would have taken a lot to ruin this epic but Vigo's turn in The Lord of the Rings did no cliche no favours.  Cate Blanchett hasn't helped the movement.  My mouth tastes funny, i don't think i liked the rice salad.

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