Wednesday, 14 November 2007


12 and 13 November - As the disease slowly takes over my ravaged body I think back to the time that was and all the hopes and dreams ...  The pseudoephadrine delirium is causing a bit too much floridity in my fingers right now which is not exactly what i need.  Despite accusations of being a Typhoid Mary i couldn't resist the lure of the office for some reason - against others better judgement i thought the long delayed visit to the parents could only be made via velocipede - the Specific Highway is not the most fun journey to take, especially at peak hour and when the sun's going down (apparently not the best time for dragons either) - I think i may have sweated out some of the viral invaders anyway.  Evening's television seems to have dropped in quality - and we're only on the eve's week of the blessing of summer TV when it gets even worse than it is now.  A late afternoon seminar on Tuesday meant not escaping the clutches of the confidential zone until 830pm - this is definitely not a habit that can be repeated.

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