Saturday, 10 November 2007

First Blood: Part II

8 and 9 (is it 10 already ... this is becoming a bad habit) november  - Somewhere along the way I've lost the housemate but am comfortable in the sure and certain knowledge that he's eating better Thai food than I am.  Getting very wet going in and out of work and not wearing any underwear and wondering what the best way to avoid responsibility is and also occasionally wondering what the hell I'm doing here.  Some people buy me a sand-witch and I buy sand-witches for others - where did the day go?  You can always get good advice from pretty boys but you must suffer the consequences of asking (and i do, gladly).  Getting fed on a regular basis is always a good thing even it means suffering the somewhat ...
Used the morning to work out a new route through to Redfern from the North Side (not that I need it but it must be found) - inspired by the Vo - over the bridge and down the Hungry Mile towards a careless and carless (although pedestrian heavy though probably not so bad on a week day) Darling Harbour cruise and nipping into Harris St where anyone can find their way from - one would have thought that this would be the safest bet but someone got their first bike blood and I couldn't be happier.  

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