Sunday, 11 November 2007

Blinded By The Sound

10 and 11 November - It's been lurking for a while now and has probably been residing somewhere in an inner gland for a week or two but finally the virus that's invaded my body finally seems to have broken through the outer defensives and has left me feeling rather crappe.  i don't think it's a very intelligent virus but it may have managed to coordinate something with my internal coordination and a late night visit to pub with some inopportunely located iPod headphones led to a freak whack in the eyeball and the dislodging of the left contact lens which was impossible to find.  Have been rather lucky on the contact lens front for quite some time now but when one pops out in a pub with a floor that's littered with glittering broken glass it's safe to say that the contact lens doesn't want to be found and even if it was it's doubtful that you'd ever want to put it back on your eyeball.  Despite the lack of vision did manage to watch a plethora of movies courtesy of those who shall remain nameless - very few of them I'd ever want to watch again, even (and i hate to admit) the Keanu Reeves classic that kept me alive so many years ago (I'm not a believer in the the morals of Robin Williams beard movies (and it can be a beard movie even if he doesn't have a beard) but laughter can occasionally be decent medicine).  Met the infamous Collins Senior who wasn't as sinister as his reputation might suggest and had a decent luncheon and even a dip in the ocean but lack of health kept activity to a minimum - and so it goes.

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