Wednesday, 21 November 2007


19 and 20 November - I felt like I was in a shooting range today - two voluntarys and two involuntarys (one of whom seemed to have a lot of trouble working out what it means when you're fired ... never a happy situation but one wonders why she applied for the same role four times the next day) ... and more to go!  Lovely day for those who were outside I expect - for those inside cigarettes and doughnuts don't mix very well. Somehow managed to survive the disco daze at confidential - theme days are pushing the envelope - but did manage to recover somewhat at Burgerfuel (and on Tuesday double stamp day no less - have been thwarted from a burger's worth of stamps by their bizarre loyalty system but one must be loyal if one is to be appreciated) followed by muso biopic which was suitably forgettable (good music though). 

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