Thursday, 8 November 2007

Breached Ultimatum

5 November - Ah the glory of piracy, the high seas and salty air is good for the soul and the uncouth but merry companions make for good company over a measure of rum or something like that.  In considerably less pain than was expected after yesterday's ride down the coast but can't really be too surprised considering the amount of stopping and f**king up about we did to get there.  But still, considering i was one of the very few who really did it hard core should have pushed the boundaries somewhat - was yawning a lot today but perhaps that was because people were boring me.  We really need to get a barbecue - very good for the occasional sausage that needs cooking (and sometimes some people just like a sausage). 
Once again, found myself faced with another themed day at the office - Melbourne Cup once again and once again I was supposed to dress up (at least had an excuse to wear the silly hat even if it silliness is a relative term) - if only I'd actually known the names of horses beforehand and didn't rely on the bookmakers bet I might have noticed that a horse named 'Efficiency' was just a sure thing but then that would be gambling and I don't really believe in that.  Was more impressed with the evening's entertainment which could well be the return to form of the seminal 90s man Tarantino (I'm not of the opinion that Kill Bill (1 or 2) was a return to form) - Death Proof was f**kin' awesome with cool dialogue, great homage to films I never watched, brilliant mixing of eras in a way that most time travel films fail miserably and a car chase scene that's up there with T3.  Got rained on though.

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