Thursday, 8 November 2007

Happy 7-11 Day

7-11 -  Was so rushed after sleeping in in the morning that I found myself hurtled towards the city with no breakfast (no breakfast!) and no socks to replace the ones soaked on in the morning commute and no belt to keep my pants up (and because I've been watching my figure my trousers seem to have grown two sizes).  Found myself at a technology seminar (with a replacement belt) that started off quite interesting (the latest news on what's happening in the laptop world) but soon diverged into the fascinating world of virtualised servers, virtualised desktops, backup storage solutions and a host of other things designed to send someone to sleep (I think i was supposed to be the IT guy there) - in any event, they fed us well and i scored some prizes that were actually pretty good (mp3 player, funky mouse) and some that were not so good (a surge protector ... basically, an overpriced double adaptor).  And one can never complain about prizes.  Found myself walking into a 7-11 in order to find some potatoes (probably not the best place to look for potatoes) when two strange young giggly men advised me that it was November 7 and therefore the 7th of the 11th (in this country anyway) and hence it was 7-11 Day where if one walked into a 7-11 and said 'Happy 7-11 Day' one would be granted the boon of a free slurpee.  And you know what, i got one.  If it was a different era I might have been able to milk that one beyond mortal means but that was a different era.  There are no more Glenmore sausages and I'm still trying to work out why Die Hard 5 (aka Die Hard 4.0 aka Live Free or Die Hard) was made - was it a truckload of money dumped on the door step or was he feeling that John McClain's saga needed to be told.

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